Our Story

What's Love Got To Do With It?

We are Scot & Jessica. We started So Nashville in August of 2012, one month before we got Married! We started out as "Riverfront Station", we focused on our love of Hockey with hockey inspired tees. We wanted to make something that brought fans together like a "secret handshake" you can wear. Everywhere we wore our tees people would ask where we got them and that's when we knew we had something great!


Save Music Row

As we grew more people would ask us if we had plans on doing shirts that weren't Hockey inspired. We felt it was time to expand our creativity and changed the brand to "So Nashville" in 2017. We opened our first store on 16th Avenue (Music Row) on June 15th, 2018. Unfortunately the  building ended up demolished to and replaced by an office building.

It's A Family Business

Today even our children have joined in the family business!
Our son loves to come up with new shirt ideas. He came up with the "Tristar Ball" shirt idea himself! And our daughter loves to model our tees!